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Working Through the Discomfort to Feel Safe in Your Own Body

Feeling safe in our own body is a beautiful experience, one that can feel especially meaningful when it has been absent from our lives. But many of us don't realize how deeply ingrained certain behaviors are when it comes to protecting ourselves from emotional discomfort.

It may feel scary for you to recognize unease in your mind (manifesting as anxiety) or in your body (manifesting as physical pain, etc.) because most of us are conditioned as children to make sense of our environment by overthinking.

The idea of allowing ourselves to become vulnerable enough to feel fully at home within our own body can seem intimidating and scary. It means being willing to experience emotions such as fear, grief, sadness, or even anger without automatically jumping into "safety mode" - be it escaping with food, drugs or alcohol, or shutting down through a self-defeating attitude. It may mean recognizing those places within us where we were conditioned to put up walls for protection instead of opening the door and inviting true connection in.

We have often become so accustomed to turning away from these more difficult parts of ourselves that learning how to cultivate an internal feeling of safety and ease can take time and practice. However, as you make space for yourself - learning how to really lean into your emotions - something amazing begins to happen: you start to develop an inner sense of resilience that allows you to connect with life in an honest way and be more open with others. You learn what it means to not only recognize internal discomfort but also come into greater acceptance of all that you are capable of holding without fear.

We all deserve a place where we can feel safe, loved, seen and heard—starting with our own bodies. When we let go of the conditioning around having everything under control all the time, we can begin to cultivate true safety within ourselves and from there, create a healthier relationship with the world around us.

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