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Are you ready to experience the healthy love you crave?  

If you desire to break the pattern of staying with emotionally unavailable partners you’re in the right place!

After years as a therapist...

I can't tell you how many women I talk to who are in relationships or dating and tell me they chase after emotionally unavailable partners. Despite knowing it's not "healthy" and that it leaves them anxious, they question why they can't stop doing it, even after all the therapy and self-help tools they've used.

Even after doing all the inner work...

They tell me they keep ending up in the same relationship patterns over and over again, like… 


Partners saying  “We don’t need to put a label on this.” or “Let’s just let things unfold and keep it chill.”  (AKA I don’t want a committed relationship). Instead of saying “No, that doesn’t work for me. I want a relationship.” and confidently walking away,  she goes along with it, thinking that she can change their mind. Only she's left feeling gutted when they leave or ghost; left asking herself “why do I keep doing this?”

Stomach in knots....

During fights or disagreements her stomach gets tied in knots and she feels scared to say how she feels or ask for what she needs. So instead,  she tries to sweep the issue under the rug and the argument never getting resolved. As a result, she's left laying awake at night wondering “Are we good? Are they going to leave? What do I do or say now? Maybe I’m too much for them?”

Trying to be chill...

Going along with things she doesn’t want to so she can be “chill”.  This can look like moving to fast to have sex, going on dates she doesn’t want to go on, agreeing with things she doesn’t agree with or taking blame for things that she knows aren’t her fault just to avoid conflict. This is because the idea of letting her partner down or disagreeing with them makes her chest tight and face hot. So she says “Yes” when she really wants to say ‘No". She's left feeling like she abandoned herself.

Can you relate?

If you're nodding your head 'Yes' and looking around wondering if I read your journal...


I see you and you’re not alone!

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This is why I created RECONNECT...


Rachel Option 1_edited.jpg
I can show you how to do this because I am a licensed therapist, (LCSW), a Somatic Practitioner, an Attachment Coach, and a trauma expert with over 10 years of experience.

Not so long ago I became aware of my own attachment style (anxious) and realized that my relationship patterns were keeping me trapped in repetitive cycles, holding me back from having the love I craved.


I currently use the somatic experiencing methods I’m teaching you in Reconnect to acknowledge and heal my attachment wounds and nervous system. As a result I have a healthy loving marriage and a baby; something I never thought possible before doing nervous system work.

I designed this program for all the women who were the past version of me because these tools are exactly what I needed back then when I was trying to make partners who were unavailable “love me”. 

Rachel Option 3.JPG
I want you to understand which wounded parts are showing up, causing you to repeat the chase to get someone unavailable to "love" you, because what repeats is incomplete.

This means that once you learn to complete the healing of childhood wounds living in your nervous system, you stop repeating the patterns that keep you in unhealthy relationships. 


This changed everything for me when it came to dating, and it will for you too. It's how I have the healthy, loving marriage I have today. 


Being able to trust the messages in your body is the missing link. When you do, you'll be able to step out of those repetitive cycles of trying to “fix” what you never received when you were younger.


You'll be able to heal your wounds and call in the healthy love you crave by following the proven methods I teach you inside Reconnect.

What's Included:


Self Paced Audio Modules of Proven Curriculum to Heal Your Relationship Patterns.

These modules will teach you to re-pattern your attachment style, heal your nervous system, set strong boundaries, identify red flags, and create the courage, confidence and safety to NO.  You'll be able to walk away from partners who are not what you want and you'll know when a relationship is right for you but just needs repair. 


Self paced modules make it easy for you to move through this course in your own time, without feeling overwhelmed by deadlines or completion dates. You'll be able to come back and relisten to trainings when you're experiencing challenges in dating or relationships to get the support you need to move through any difficult sensations or experiences. 

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Healthy Love Option 1.jpg


Daily Somatic Practices.

This is where the change IS FELT! As soon as you join Reconnect you also get access to a comprehensive suit of daily audio training sessions that will help you heal your nervousness and RECONNECT to yourself so you can create strong, loving connections in your relationship. 


The daily audio exercises are extremely powerful. They give you hands-on learning to embody new patterns in your relationships so you can feel confident and safe as you experience new, healthy love. 


Reflection and Growth Workbook.

In order to truly anchor in the concepts you’re learning inside Reconnect, you’ll need to have a place for reflection, note taking and visual learning. This is why I've designed the reflection workbook to make it easy for you to reinforce what you’re learning in sections, aligned to each module and training. 


This will be your companion guide as you heal your nervous system and create new loving relationships. It's something you can always come back to, to see how much you’ve grown in your journey to healthy love. 

Healthy Love Option 3.jpg

If you’re ready to heal your relationship patterns of attracting emotionally unavailable partners and instead, attract the healthy love you crave...


Healthy Love Option 5.jpg

Just like my  previous client who used the RECONNECT METHODS to attract healthy love! 

She was stuck in a situationship—everything felt like a partnership, except the commitment.

Whenever she tried to have a serious conversation, her body screamed, with tightness in her throat, a clenched jaw, and a racing heart, echoing past wounds.

During our work, she discovered her repeating pattern was the fear of appearing needy when expressing her needs.

Through visualization and somatic experiencing exercises, she gradually released the tension tied to her insecurities.

Eventually, she felt confident enough to leave the situationship.

Soon after, she met someone who saw her for who she truly was, offering patience and understanding.

Empowered, she opened her heart to receive the love she knew she deserved. 

Just IMAGINE what you could experience with similar tools.

Reconnect isn't just a course—it's a pathway to unlocking the ability to attract healthy relationships.

I invite you to imagine the kind of love that’s possible for you…
Imagine being in a relationship that feels like a safe space where you can express yourself, your feelings, your wants, your needs, your desires.. ALL OF IT. Without the fear of your partner disagreeing, judging or leaving because you’re too much. 
Instead, they LOVE all of you. They accept ALL of you. Allowing you to feel relaxed, supported and FULLY held by your partner. 
You feel confident because you partner wants to commit and because they make you feel like a priority.

No more gut wrenching anxiety every time you get into conflict.
When conflict does arise, as it is part of healthy love, you and your partner take space to communicate your feelings. You feel a sense of trust and understanding, knowing that this helps you both reach a place of repair and reconnection, rather than spiralling into fear that they will leave. Instead, you feel grounded and secure.

You now have more resilience in your nervous system, can see what you need, and no longer tell yourself that your desires are too much or that you don’t deserve them. You no longer feel attracted to the unhealthy chaos of unavailable partners and will find a secure, emotionally available partner – the only type you're now attracted to, and THAT'S EXACTLY WHO YOU HAVE IN YOUR LIFE NOW. 
You get to have healthy love… you get to have the relationship you’ve been craving for so long!
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Are you ready to start healing so you can attract and make healthy love a priority in your life? 

Then Reconnect is the course for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this a group program?

Reconnect is a self-study course designed for your schedule. You work independently through the materials at your own pace.


What format is the course provided in?

Reconnect is designed for busy lives! Each module is delivered in an engaging audio/podcast format, so you can learn while commuting, exercising, or doing chores. No need to be tied to a computer.


How long is this course?

The course spans over four modules and broken up into two parts per module to help you titrate the information in an easy and accessible way. You have unlimited access to revisit materials anytime.


Do I need to be single or in a realtionship to access this course?

Reconnect isn't just for those in relationships! The course explores universal patterns of connection. Whether you're single or partnered, you'll gain valuable insights into your dating patterns and how to cultivate healthier relationship habits.

Ready to attract healthy love?

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