Together, we will focus on ways to identify the root cause of what's making you feel anxious. We will practice coping skills and begin to challenge your thoughts. We will build a toolbox of grounding and mindfulness-based techniques so that you can learn to understand and manage your anxiety in a helpful, rather than harmful way.


By understanding our individual attachment styles, we can work towards breaking your unwanted relationship and/or dating patterns. Through this work we will pin point any potential insecure attachment style that is present and use this information to help you recognize and build effective communication strategies. Together we will work towards healing any abandonment wounds, so that you can trust and become more secure within yourself.

Self Esteem

We will explore and understand your current narrative so that we can focus on providing kindness and compassion towards your inner critic. You will learn to create a practice that is rooted in curiosity and openness so that you can generate acceptance in yourself; just as you are. I will also help you improve any body mage concerns and say good bye to diet culture for good.


Conflict in our relationships can create stress and the feeling of being unbalanced. Together we will identify what your internal needs are, so that you can practice how to set boundaries, communicate your needs, and build confidence in your ability to be vulnerable. I will also help you work through and process any life transitions, such as career changes or a break up.

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Individual Holistic Psychotherapy

Virtual sessions available for
California and Florida residents!

Because fit is extremely important, I offer a free intro call. During this appointment we discuss your therapy expectations/desires, my approach and specializations, and how we can best work together to help you heal and reach your goals.

Individual Therapy Sessions: 50 min 


1:1 Transformation Coaching

Virtual sessions available from anywhere in the world, spots are limited!

Transformation Coaching is a service for supplemental support to help you understand and connect to your body's innate rhythm. Together we'll look at situations where you feel disconnected and you will learn to respond to your natural resources stored within the body. Every nervous system has a story to tell and we will work on uncovering yours so that you can feel more present and connected in your life.

Although this service is therapeutic in nature, it is not the same as individual talk therapy. This process focuses largely on the body and breathing into the spaces where trauma may be stored. These sessions can be offered at your desired frequency.

To discuss available container programs book connection call below!

Somatic Yoga Therapy 1:1 Sessions

Virtual sessions available from anywhere in the world!

Personalized trauma-informed yoga and movement sessions to help build strength and resiliency within the body. Together we will discuss your goals and desires for our work together. I will then create a tailored movement plan that we will implement during our 1:1 private sessions. Benefits of yoga include, increase in balance, flexibility, stress reduction, and overall well being and community support.

Please inquire about in person sessions offered in San Francisco!

To enroll in a program tailored for your needs apply below.


I accept payment via cash or any major credit card. If you have a card on file, it will be charged within 24hrs of your appointment. 


I am an out-of-network provider for individual therapy insurance. Although I am not currently on any insurance panels, I can provide a monthly superbill for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. If your insurance carrier provides out-of-network benefits, you may be reimbursed for 20-80% of your session fees. Unfortunately coaching sessions are not reimbursable with out of network benefits at this time.


Before we meet, you should contact your insurance carrier to verify: (1) whether you have mental health benefits, (2) the number of sessions covered, (3) the rate of reimbursement, and (4) your deductible.​

Unfortunately coaching sessions are not reimbursable with out of network benefits at this time.

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