About Me

Growing up as a dancer I always felt a deep connection to the body and how it reacts and moves to different stimuli that we are presented with each day. But what dancing also gave me was poor connection to body image, constant comparison to others, and insecurity in almost all areas of my life. I felt lost and quite stuck in all of my relationships. It was this experience that fueled my passion and desire to understand where these behaviors come. I became fascinated by my internal dialogue and ultimately discovered my own healing by returning back to my body and learning to regulate my nervous system. This understanding lead me to the beautiful work of helping others take the leap towards empowerment and healing. 


I have a Master's in Clinical Social Work degree and have worked in the mental health field for over 7 years. My various work experience includes community based mental health, independent group practice, and knowledge in mental health startups.

I am also a registered yoga teacher and utilize body awareness and mindfulness exercises to help clients learn emotional regulation and rebuild their self esteem. During my free time, I enjoy camping throughout California, spending time with my family, and attending wellness retreats to expand my knowledge and deepen my yoga practice.



My background includes helping adults with relationship anxiety, generalized and social anxiety, depression, procrastination, impostor syndrome, trauma and PTSD, burn-out, effective communication, stress management, values and identity, self-esteem, perfectionism, and body image issues. I take a past and present focus when working with individuals and find it vital to explore the experiences in our lives that impact our actions and thoughts on a daily basis.


My goal is to examine and challenge the core beliefs that create ones internal dialogue. As we begin to challenge these thoughts, we can create alternative pathways that can help shift a person's life in a way that creates nourishment and fulfillment. I put a large emphasis on building trust and compassion when beginning our work together. I invite feedback along the way and take a collaborative approach when working together.

Treatment Styles

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: I use DBT to help you identify and shift negative thinking patterns, while incorporating mindfulness based skills that will help you regulate your emotions, implement/set boundaries, and communicate effectively.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: I use ACT to help you reconnect with yourself, take purposeful action, and maintain focused yet flexible engagement with your life and what you value.

  • Somatic Therapy (Body Centered): I believe that discussing body sensations is absolutely vital to move towards healing trauma. I incorporate trauma informed body awareness exercises to help you return to a state of expansion within your nervous system.

  • Mindfulness: Incorporating mindfulness into my sessions helps you to become an observer of your thoughts without evaluating them as good or bad. I teach you how to acknowledge your experience without judgment.

  • Relational Psychotherapy: I use relational therapy to help you recognize the role relationships play in your life and empower you to build awareness centered around how your thoughts are impacting your behaviors.