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Shifting from Resolutions to Compassionate Intentions in 2022

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

I'm sure you've heard of the saying before "new year, new me right?". Well what if we shifted that framework into something more compassionate. Something that helped that inner critic that comes into your mind time and time again. You know what I'm talking about. That part inside of you that says "hey, it's a new year and you need to change, hey, when are you going to lose that weight, hey, you need to accomplish something, or else". Well I'm here to challenge this inner critic and offer a different alternative as we begin our journey into this new year. I think we can all agree it's been a tough couple of years. What if we set goals that had our highest self in mind and left our inner critics out of it. Dare i say it; what if we search for something deeper in a more intentional and compassionate way. What if it could be a new year but you could also be allowed to be the same you?

How can I stay committed to my goals If I'm not setting a resolution?

I once heard that most people over-estimate what they can do in one year and under-estimate what they can do in 10 years. This article isn't meant to serve as a space encouraging you to never set any goals, it's merely hear to encourage you to think about them with a different approach in mind. I think about the usual resolutions that are set, the biggest one being weight loss, and I think about the lack of support this resolution ultimately is to the individual setting it. Sure it's important to be healthy and sure it feels good to fit into that little black dress you've been dying to wear out. But how much tension our we putting on ourselves and whats the disappointment factor if this expectation is not met in the time frame that you arbitrarily decided for yourself.


The farther you pull a rubber band the harder it comes back snapping at you. Case and point; the more tension the less sustainable. What if you could set your goals in a way that was patient and balanced.

Intention ideas to support yourself this year:

  1. I will express my needs when a situation no longer serves me

  2. I will do one mindful movement a day, i.e. whether that's placing a hand on my heart and taking a deep breath or a brisk walk

  3. I will find balance with my meals, i.e. whether that's eating a vegetable or a fruit each day

  4. I will say no when a situation feels uncomfortable

  5. I will remain present during one task each day and allow myself to take a break if I feel overwhelmed

In summary I hope this articles serves as a framework to practice more kindness and compassion when setting goals and intentions for yourself. There are many things worth accomplishing and if you were kinder, what would happen to that inner critic?

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