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Common Myths About Somatic Experiencing

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Despite the countless studies, proving the efficacy of Somatic Experiencing, there are still so many misconceptions about the practice. As a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, it’s my obligation to shed light on these myths and bring awareness to the wonderful ways SE transforms the lives of my clients and those who practice.

  • Myth: Somatic experiencing is only for people who have experienced severe trauma. Fact: Somatic experiencing can be helpful for anyone who experiences stress or anxiety, even if they have not experienced severe trauma.

  • Myth: Somatic experiencing is just another form of talk therapy. Fact: While talking about experiences can be helpful, somatic experiencing is focused on the physical sensations in the body that are associated with trauma or stress. It is a body-oriented therapy.

  • Myth: Somatic experiencing is too invasive or involves physical touch. Fact: Somatic experiencing does not involve physical touch, and practitioners always respect the client's boundaries and comfort level.

  • Myth: Somatic experiencing is not evidence-based. Fact: Somatic experiencing is a well-researched and evidence-based approach to healing trauma and stress.

  • Myth: Somatic experiencing is a quick fix or a cure-all. Fact: Somatic experiencing is a process that requires time and commitment. It is not a magic solution or a cure-all, but it can be a helpful tool for individuals seeking to heal from trauma or stress.

Would you like to learn more about how Somatic Experiencing can transform your life? Click the link HERE to view all of the ways you can work with me on your inner healing journey!

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