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Helping you reclaim purpose and listen to your body's innate rhythm, to support a life of connection!

I imagine you're here because you desire?

  • To feel a sense of safety in the body so you can speak your truth and claim your needs in your relationships.

  • To show up intentionally in all areas of your life so that you can feel grounded and present in your day to day.

  • To embrace your power and manage your experiences so that you feel free on a daily basis.

  • The ability to express yourself fully and openly so you can build trust and presence within your body and feel more engaged with the ones you love.

  • To be living in connection with self and others so you no longer feel bogged down by your calendar or feel anxious around the ones around you

You're worth the work!

  • If you had more support what would be different? 

  • Think about what your life would feel like if you were living with more intention? 

  • If you could feel into your body and approach every situation in your life with joy and gratitude; how would that impact how you show up?

When you make time to show up for yourself, you also create more space to show up with presence rather than obligation.

When you are showing up to situations in your life with presence you create more opportunities for connection.

Connection creates fulfillment.

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Hi, I'm

A Holistic Psychotherapist, Somatic Experience Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, and I am here to support you on your path!

You can trust that you will walk away from our work together feeling more secure and connected in your relationships.


I will help you gain a better understanding of self, while learning to understand your body's natural rhythm, and use it as a tool to help you when feeling stuck and overwhelmed.


I look forward to helping you create the lasting change you are looking for.


Areas of Expertise


Learn the skills you need to cope in a healthy way. Challenge your anxious thoughts with a therapist you can trust.

Self Esteem

Increase your confidence and self image while maintaining boundaries and expressing your needs.

Attachment Trauma

Understand your attachment style and heal past wounds so that you can feel more secure and communicate effectively.


Explore your unique patterns when it comes to dating or relationships, so that you can feel more connected with the ones that you love.

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The Process

Reach out to schedule a free intro session today. I'll answer any questions you have to help make sure we're a good fit.

Join me each week to enhance your personal and professional life and get the support you need.


Together we will develop a plan to guide you towards transformation and awakening.

Your relationships will expand and you will gain a self care toolbox to succeed and flourish.


You don't have to feel disconnected.

I can help you feel more resilient and move beyond the barriers.