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Serving Anxious Millennials in
California & Florida

I help you achieve self confidence so that you have healthy, happy, secure relationships

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I imagine you're here because some areas of your life have become overwhelming.

  • Do you find that your mind goes to the worst case scenario and then you panic?

  • Do you feel like you should be doing more or be better by now?

  • Do you feel inadequate which causes you to become paralyzed in taking action to change?

  • Do you feel unheard in your relationships, which results in you feeling like you're always doing something wrong?

  • Do you constantly compare yourself to other people?

  • Do you find yourself struggling to get to the bottom of why you're upset in your relationships?

Im here to tell you, there's another way!

What if you could listen to your thoughts without panicking? What if you could go into situations with confidence and positivity? Let's imagine a world where you could communicate your needs clearly to your friends, family, partner, and work. A world where you could say no and not feel guilty about it?

Hi, I'm Rachel, a Licensed Therapist and Relationship Coach and I am here to help!

You can trust that you will walk away from our work together feeling more secure and connected in your relationships. I will help you gain a better understanding of self, while learning to understand your body, and use it as a tool to help you when frustrated. I look forward to helping you create the lasting change you are looking for.


Areas of Expertise


Learn the skills you need to cope in a healthy way. Challenge your anxious thoughts with a therapist you can trust.

Self Esteem

Increase your confidence and self image while maintaining boundaries and prioritizing your needs.

Attachment Trauma

Understand your attachment style and heal past wounds so that you can feel more secure.


Explore your unique patterns when it comes to dating or relationships, so that you can feel more connected with the ones that you love.

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The Process

Reach out to schedule a free intro session today. I'll answer any questions you have to help make sure we're a good fit.

Join me each week for a 50 minute session to get the support you need.


Together we will develop the tools you need to feel more confident and secure.

Your relationships will flourish and you'll be ready to handle anything life throws at you.


You don't have to feel like something is wrong with you.

I can help you create thriving relationships that feel calm and supported.

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